How To Write Introduction Of Your Essay And Dissertation


Introduction Of An Essay
The first part of any academic writing is the introduction. The introductory part of every essay is the section where you try to hook your readers. The introduction word count is usually between 5-10% of the entire essay. An effective introduction can develop the reader’s attention. When we meet someone new, we need to introduce ourselves to each other. Like this, when we start an essay, we need to introduce the topic of discussion. We all heard this common phrase many times “the first impression is the last impression”. This phrase has many meanings depending upon the situation. But in this case, it means ‘an impressive introduction will result in an impressive essay’. But how to make an introduction impressive is a common question? This article will share a brief structure of an introduction to answer this question.

2. Structure Of An Introduction Of An Essay.

An impressive essay will have a well-structured introduction. So, to have a well-structured essay, a proper alignment of all components of an essay is compulsory. Following are some details of the components of the essay and their arrangement.

2.1 Topic Sentence

The first part of the introduction is the topic sentence. Topic sentences are the first few lines of the introduction. They aim to highlight the problem we will discuss in the remaining essay. These sentences must be simple or to the point so that the reader can quickly get the idea about the topic. Most researchers go through these lines and decide whether to read the article or not? The purpose of using simple language is also to attract the mass with basic knowledge. Many students provide details of the keywords. This practice decreases the interest of the research.

2.2 Problem Statement

This part of the introduction will brief view of what we are going to solve. The problem statement is a technique of stating the main topic under discussion. There are many ways to make your problem statement strong. We can discuss

1. Social aspects
2. Economic aspects
3. Cultural aspects of the problem in few lines.

2.3 Supporting Details

Introduction Of An Essay 1
Another important part of the essay is the supporting details. In legal procedures, no one can prove his claim without evidence. Academic writing also requires evidence for all claims. Without evidence, we cannot prove our point of view. The third part of the introduction is the supporting details. The correct place for writing supporting sentences is after the problem statements. At this place, the supporting sentence aims to prove how our topic is a problem in reality. We can include the evidence using statistics, theories or scientific evidence.

2.4 Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the most important part of the introduction. The thesis statements provide an overview of the topic. The thesis statement often comes at the end of the first part. A thesis statement controls the contents of the whole essay. The topic sentences of all other paragraphs are related to this statement.

Usually, a brief introduction of an essay follows the parts mentioned above. But, there is a different structure for the introduction chapter of the dissertation.

3. Structure Of Introduction Of A Dissertation

While PhD dissertation writing service, the structure of an introduction is a little different. The first paragraph of the introduction follows the same rules. It also includes a topic sentence, supporting details, and thesis statements. But, the structure varies from heading 2. The second paragraph must consist of a brief background of the study.

3.1 Brief Background

This part of the introduction states a brief background of the study. In this section, the writer has the choice to write anything about the background of the problem. In the case of disease, the background section may include:

1. Risk factors.
2. Epidemiology.
3. Who discovered the disease.
4. Possible treatments.
5. Possible mechanism of the disease.
6. Side effects of current treatments.
7. Alternatives to improve outcomes.

3.2 Rationale Of The Study

This section of the study may or may not have a separate head in the dissertation. ‘Rationale’ means the significance of the study. In this section, we have a chance to structure our debate. Here, we can highlights why our study is important? What aspects make our study important? Why did we select this topic for the current study? What makes our study different from others?

3.3 Research Question

One of the most important components of the introduction is "research questions". The introduction chapter of the dissertation makes no sense without research questions. The research questions aim to answer the problem statement.

3.4 Research Aims And Objectives

The aims and objectives are often placed together in the dissertation. Yet, some people place them in separate heads. Both type of structuring is correct. We can opt for one of our choices. Aims measn what we want from this study. In other words, what are the goals of the study? While the term “objective” refers to the final destination of this study. The research and aims help other researchers to get ideas about the credibility of your research.

3.5 Limitation Of The Study

Introduction Of An Essay 3
In this section, we give the readers an idea about the limitations of our coursework writing service study. Humans are full of errors, and no one is perfect in this world. , every study has some limitations and drawbacks. This part allows us to admit our faults. The limitations are of many types. The shortage of time, lack of money, covid circumstances, and small sample size are few research limitations.

3.6 Structure Of The Dissertation.

Generally, the dissertation's introduction end with a section titled ‘ Structure of the dissertation’. In this section, we provide an overview of the whole dissertation. The sub-heads under this part are:

Chapter 1:Introduction
Chapter 2: Literature review
Chapter 3: Methodology
Chapter 4: Results and findings
Chapter 5: Discussion and conclusion

Under all these sub-heads, we give brief discussions of upcoming points.

Final Thoughts

So, the introduction holds significant importance and sets the main theme of the essay. To have a good and healthy introduction, you must your a problem statement with statistics and evidence.

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